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Probate Law

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Probate is a difficult time for most families.  Having to deal with all the small and large details of an estate while grieving can be overwhelming.  Kinberger Law Office will help make the process as easy as possible for the loved ones of the decedent.  

Upon hiring Kinberger Law Office, the Executor or Administrator will not have to go to Court.  Teresa M. Kinberger will handle all court appearances and make sure that all statutory deadlines are met to enable the estate to be closed in a timely manner.  Kinberger Law Office uses automatic calendaring system to ensure your probate matters moves forward without the need of costly status sessions with the attorney.

Under Kentucky Law an estate must remain open for at least 6 months.  There is a lot involved with probate cases in that there must be court appearances, inventories filed, creditors notices sent out, real estate to be sold or transferred, waivers for heirs to sign, estate taxes to be considered, and final settlements and distributions to be handled.  We are here to help you handle these legal requirements, so that you can focus on your family. 

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