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Attorney Teresa Kinberger


Attorney Kinberger’s focus is on helping families whether it is in planning their estates, celebrating an adoption, or helping them through difficult times such as a divorce or loss of a loved one.


Teresa currently handles all the estate administrations for the pharmaceutical class action litigation throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Teresa also works closely with Lifeline Children’s Services. Teresa represented abused and neglected children for 8 years and is currently on the Jefferson County Foster Care Review Board. Teresa has a passion for helping others making her law practice very client focused.

In her position on the Jefferson County Foster Care Review Board, her job is to review the current placements in the foster care system and make sure that cases are progressing as they should. Upon reviewing a families file, the Foster Care Review Board has the responsibility of reporting to the Court the current conditions of the children and recommendations for things that might need to be addressed further. It is a privilege for her to serve on this Board.

She handles wills, litigation, domestic disputes, powers-of-attorney, family law, and trials.


The Kinberger Law Office Team

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